Kelly moved to Keene, New Hampshire from Scottsdale, AZ in December of 2011 after being repeatedly victimized by the corrupt and involuntary system there for the “crime” of living as a free individual. While her activism in Arizona consisted mainly of working as an advocate for victims of the system and writing about her experiences, she moved to Keene in hopes of inspiring the evolution towards a peaceful society through civil disobedience. Kelly, a longtime agorist, not only believes in smashing the state through civil disobedience and delegitimization, but counter-economically through black and grey markets and non-compliance as well. A Christian Anarchist, she considers herself a conscientious objector of the current system and strives to promote non-violent resistance as exemplified by Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr. She believes that the violation of one individual’s rights equals the violation of all individual rights, that for there to be true peace there must first be true justice, and that true justice must be based on a model of restoration. Her pet peeves are the TSA, the prison system, and government transparency. When she is not smashing the state, Kelly loves to go shopping and spend time with her cat Emily, her chihuahua Isabella, and her voluntary liberty family.

Rebel With A Cause – How I Became A Voluntaryist

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