Kelly v. Cheshire County Superior Court, Part I

My first negative experience with the Cheshire County Superior Court took place this past December 21st when I went to support Ian Freeman of Free Keene at a freedom of information hearing.  His quest for information was regarding a gentleman who committed suicide by setting himself on fire in front of the Cheshire County Superior Court earlier in the year.  This incident is of obvious concern to activists concerned with the immorality and unfairness associated with the so-called justice system which is involuntarily imposed upon each and every human being in America.  What could have possibly possessed this man to end his life in such a gruesome manner, and why should any part of a system which decides the fates of the lives of human beings be any less than fully transparent?

But for now, I’ll move away from the underlying philosophical issues and focus on the events of the day.  I was running a bit late as usual and so by the time I arrived in the courtroom most of my friends had already been seated on one side.  As I joined them, infamously tyrannical bailiff Bob Tebo announced directly to our side that if we did not stand for the robed man that we would be asked to leave.  Standing for robed men is against my belief system as I don’t believe that any human is above me and do not feel I ought to be forced to stand for a robed man in order to attend a public hearing!  Therefore I remained seated along with other activists, as is customary in Keene.  Unfortunately the man in the robe was a tyrant who calls himself Judge Arnold, and he ordered us to leave.  As I remained seated, the sadistic little bailiff Tebo dragged my friend Jason Talley across the ground in handcuffs, then he approached me and asked me if I was going to leave or be dragged to the cage as well.  I offered him my hands to cuff and told him there would be no need to drag me; I could walk to the cage on my own.

Talley and I were arrested on charges of criminal contempt of court and taken downstairs to the holding cell at the court before being transported to the Cheshire County Correctional Facility, otherwise known as the Keene Spiritual Retreat, where we were held for approximately an hour.  I had several good conversations with the individuals who work there, reminding them that their jobs are immoral and that the right thing to do is to simply quit.  Then, we were transported back to the courthouse to appear before the man in the robe who calls himself Judge Arnold.

When it was my turn to see the “judge”, I did in fact stand when he entered the room as I was tired of sitting in a cage and had already made my point: That this ridiculous system of injustice really would throw me, a peaceful individual, in a cage for not standing for a man in a robe.  Thus, I stood purely on threat of forcible restriction of my freedom to an eight by ten foot cage.

And here I thought this was America.

The man in the robe who calls himself Arnold then proceeded to lecture me on respect for the court, which I found a bit offensive as I don’t see why I ought to have respect for a fraudulent institution that had just thrown me in a cage for…chillaxing.  Arnold then added insult to injury by wishing me a Merry Christmas.  “Merry Christmas, this year I’m going to be so kind as to grant you your God given freedom!”.

Perhaps Arnold would like me to pretend he’s Santa Claus and sit on his knee as well.  After all, only perverts wear those stupid robes.

All actions have an equal and opposite reaction or as Ademo would call it; unintended consequences.  My friends decided to meet the CC Superior Court bureaucrats in the parking lot as they arrived at and left from work to ask them how they felt about peaceful people being thrown in cages for not standing for a man in a robe.

The unintended consequences continued as I joined them in the following days, resulting in myself, Ian Freeman, Kate Ager, and Graham Colson being ordered to leave the premises and banned from the Cheshire County Superior Courthouse…..banned FOREVER!!!

I asked the cops and bureaucrats if we could make a New Year’s resolution to have a peaceful 2012 without the initiation of force.  They didn’t have much to say….

Stay tuned for Part II…..Ian, Kate, Derrick, and I are served with restraining orders preventing us access to the Cheshire County Superior Courthouse!!!

3 thoughts on “Kelly v. Cheshire County Superior Court, Part I

  1. While I understand your frustration we live within a system of laws and protocols which provide that we will show respect to the institutions we have set up. I agree things need to change but you are approaching the issue at an inappropriate place. You have to change the rules and the rulers. The “man in the robe ” is doing what the people have instructed him to do. There are also rules and protocols in place to institute change

    • I have attempted many times to initiate change within the system to complete failure.

      As far as I’m concerned, the system is a complete failure and I cannot in good conscience comply 🙂

    • The “rules and protocols” favor the establishment. They can’t even go to court now without permission of the Sheriff. Of course that permission will be denied. If they try to approach their Congressman they will either be ignored at best and arrested at worst. What can they do?

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